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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cats and Writing

I really enjoyed this blog post, and the tweet that inspired it.  Cats really do like getting between you and your work, when it involves computers, books, or pen on paper.  I've actually had to lock mine out of the office in order to get work done!  Of course, I don't necessarily have to worry about over-bold mice stealing my lunch, or eating my manuscripts, but I do have to contend with the guilt that comes from mournful meows outside the door.  Don't worry, Lion!  I'll give you yogurt when I'm done.

Interestingly, my cats are not a hassle when I am watching TV or a DVD.  Last night, while we were watching The Two Towers, the second installment from The Lord of The Rings, Spots curled up on my lap and stayed there purring quietly the entire time we watched.  Quite nice, that!


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